Verifying your Working with Children Check on Find a Babysitter

When you create your profile, we will ask you if you have "Working With Children Check" (WWCC).  If you confirm that you have a WWCC, the WWCC icon will appear in your profile, initially as 'pending'. We undertake some verification steps using the relevant State 'working with children' authorities to verify that the WWCC information that you provide is accurate. We will need your permission to use your personal information to undertake this verification process.

If we receive confirmation from the relevant State authority that you have a WWCC or you are exempt from needing a WWWC, your profile will show the WWCC 'verified' icon and the date that we completed our verification process. If we do not receive confirmation from the relevant State authority, the icon will be removed from your profile altogether.

You must update your profile if your WWCC expires or is withdrawn by the relevant State authority. Due to privacy and sensitivity around criminal records, we DO NOT request a copy of a babysitter or nannies Police Check or undertake any verification about a babysitter or nannies Police Check. If you indicate in your profile that you have a Police Check, we recommend that you take it to any interviews and you must make it available to a parent who requests it. Each State has its own WWCC system as detailed below. A Federal or State Police Check can be obtained by a babysitter or nanny for a small fee, also as detailed below.

Find more information about each state/territories WWCC and police check

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