How much should I pay a babysitter/nanny

The pay and benefits of a nanny vary, but we have some guidelines for you to consider. 

For a nanny that doesn’t live with you, or one that works part time, you can expect rates to be dependent on hours and needs. Part time workers can earn $17.70 per hour to $25 per hour or more, depending on their qualifications and experience. 

Fully Qualified Nannies will earn $25-$30+. Nannies that are trained and do have experience are likely to require a salary that ranges from $500 to well over $1000 per week. The above rates are only a guide and you are free to negotiate the exact rate with your nanny or babysitter. Always make sure though you are paying at least the award rate (current award rates can be found at

For live in nannies, it will be necessary to provide them with a private room to live in. In most cases, their own private bath is another quality to consider providing. Free room and board is a condition of virtually all live in nanny arrangements. 

You will generally be required to withhold amounts from payments you make to your employee under the PAYG income tax system. You will generally also be required pay a percentage of superannuation to your employee’s nominated superannuation fund.

For time off, the nanny should receive at least two weeks per year of holiday time. In addition, major holidays are usually provided without work. Many families will provide health care insurance to their nannies as well. 

Sometimes, if the nanny is required to drive the child from place to place, the nanny will also need the use of a car while working. 

These benefits are provided to both live in nannies as well as live out nannies. All of these qualifications must be provided for before you hire the nanny. You can see why writing out a job contract is so important. 

Another consideration of the nanny and the work that he or she does for you is the work schedule. If you have a live in nanny, you may think that the nanny would be working any time that the child is around. The fact is that a nanny is like any other employee, requiring a schedule that is fair and appropriate. 

Taxes are yet another consideration of the hiring of a nanny. Because you are employing them, you will be required to paytaxes for them. You will need to gather this information from the ATO to find out how to register for tax payments and what you will need to actually pay, how much and how often. 


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